I know we've had a lot of questions regarding the pre-order details recently released for JC2, so I've put together this quick FAQ to answer some of them.

Just Cause 2 - Pre-order FAQ

Where can I pre-order my game?
You can pre-order your game from any of the retailers listed on the pre-order page on the main site.

What do I get?
What you’ll get depends on where you are. In North America for example, you'll get one of the five downloadable items listed on the pre-order page. Check with your retailer for more details.

For the most part, outside of North America you'll get all five items included in the Limited Edition pack. Again, check with your retailer for the specifics.

So is the Limited Edition available in North America?

No, although the downloadable content is still available to those that pre-order the game. See the pre-order page and specific retailers for details.

How much will the Limited Edition cost?
We don't set the prices, stores do. But the RRP is not higher due to the inclusion of the downloadable content.

When I go to my retailer's website it only lists the standard edition available to pre-order. Is this a mistake?

Nope, it just takes a little while for them to update their sites. Give 'em time.

How will I receive my downloadable content?
You'll find a unique download code included in the box.

Will the items be available separately after launch?

We're not ruling it out if demand is high enough, but for now if you really want the downloadable content (and you really, really do) the only way to guarantee you'll receive it is to pre-order.

I'll update this post with more information as it becomes available.