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Thread: Snowblind blue screen

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    Default Snowblind blue screen

    Hello all
    Dont hold out much hope for a solution, but here goes.
    Just bought Project Snowblind, genuine Eidos dvd, brand new, shrinkwrapped.
    Switched off all startup items via MSCONFIG, reboot and restart, made sure antivirus not running, then installed game.
    Trying to run it, neither the Setup or Snowblind exes start unless I install a nocd crack. With the nocd crack, intro plays, gets to screen to start game and it crashes with a blank blue screen, cant do anything except reboot. If I uncheck all of the checkboxes in Setup, set Resolution to 640x480 and Texture Filtering to Bilinear or lower the game will load and play up to the point when the chopper blows up the wall just after the first save room. Game then crashes to blue screen and have to reboot.
    AMD 2800XP at 2100Mhz, 1Gb DDR SDRAM, ATI Radeon 9600XT with latest drivers (version 8.1, dated Jan 16,2008 together with hotfix for the Direct3D problems), XP SP2 with all MS updates.
    Can anyone help ?

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    Cool Blue screen...

    To crow se,

    Have you tried ATI for a patch?

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    You'd probably have to roll back your drivers. The game is buggy. Very buggy.

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