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Thread: thief 3 - save games aways corrupted

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    It may well be the VISTA. Vista handles files in a really wierd way.

    If you have the bucks try to find the SOLDOUT/MASTERTRONICS Thief the COMPLETE COLLECTION.

    A set of DVDs that has GOLD, TMA, and TDS ready to run on XP/VISTA.

    I have the first printings of TDP, GOLD, TMA, and TDS. All installed and run well, but I got the COLLECTION and have all three on a XP machine.

    They run with no tweaks or forced installs and (I avoided VISTA like a plague) it has been claimed by members that it installs and runs on VISTA with no problems.

    All the games one this set is patched to the lasted versions and might be a solution for you for the future.

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    well i didn't see a concret answer and a have been able to fix it, so i'll post what i did

    there is a default.ini file in c/program files/thief/system
    wich has an entry named SavePath=..\save

    the .. stands for the prior folder in wich the default.ini is located wich would be c/program files/thief

    but there is no save folder in c/program files/thief so i created one

    then i entered the registry as said in one of the post and changed the value of savegamepath to c/programfiles/ thief/ save

    wich is located in hkeylocalmachine/software/wow6432node/ionstorm/thief

    and guess what, it worked

    the strange thing is that i don't see any files in the save folder, but when i start the game i'm able to find the saved game so it doesn't matter

    hope this helps anybody

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