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Thread: What's your ultimate guide to "Ammendment XXV?"

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    Post What's your ultimate guide to "Ammendment XXV?"

    Having had an EXTREMELY quiet weekend, I managed to finish this guide completely. The final ďTrueĒ mission in the game (I donít count requiem, itís a first-person shooter, not a assassination job). Itís got to be said thereís something cool about having to sneak through the Whitehouse. I always enjoy this mission.

    From the beginning, head into the White house, but before you head through the metal detector, go into the bathroom on the left. When the door closes, drop an RUAP mine on the floor, then stand beside the door and open the door. A marine will see it, and come to collect it. Close the door and sedate him. While this is tricky to time, it makes retrieving your suit a snap! Change into his uniform and collect and holster your RUAP mine and his M14 (Mum always wanted me to be a military man!)

    Head back outside, and round to the left of the building. Place your M14 in the agency container there, then head into the Whitehouse again. Go straight through the metal detector, and carry on straight. Take the next door on your left, where youíll find the guard quarters. On the desk directly ahead of you by the window, youíll find a main building keycard, and the videotape, and best of all, no-oneís looking! (I thought this was meant to be the most secure location in the world?) Nick both, then leave. Turn left and continue down that corridor.

    When you come to the keycard door, follow the corridor into the main building. Head up the stairs and go to the south-western most room. There youíll find a carpenterís suit on the dresser. Change into it, and head downstairs. Here youíll find a marine outside a door. When you approach, he scans you, but finds nothing. Go inside, and welcome yourself to the Vice Presidentís office. Go left into the adjoining room and open the crate. Eventually the VP enters through one of the doors to the east. Fiber wire him, and dump his body in the crate, then leave the same way you arrived.

    Go back up to the room where you got your carpenter disguise, then climb out the window and down the ladder to the roof of the West Wing. Place a RUAP mine on the scaffolding stuff here, then continue towards the West. Eventually a Secret Service Agent comes out for a smoke break. Sneak up, sedate him, and drag him round to the OPPOSITE side of the round structure. Take his clothes and his keycard, then head into the West Wing.

    Go down stairs, then follow the map to the Oval Office to confront Parchezzi. After a nice friendly chat (Why canít arch enemies ever just keep it business? Why the soliloquy before the inevitable carnage?) He detonates a minibomb, stunning you and runs off (why didnít he just finish you there? Villains, I ask you!) Chase him onto the roof, where he uses the scaffolding for cover. Run straight towards him pressing your bomb remote until the mine detonates right under his feet (Thatís karma for you Parchezzi!)

    From here, run through the West wing, (everyoneís running around in blind panic, no-one notices.) Head out into the courtyard and into the main building, then follow your map all the way back to the East Wing. Make a quick stop in the toilet by the front door to retrieve your suit, and then peg it to the entrance.

    Stats:- Kills:-2, CC Kills:-1
    Fines:- $0

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    Not too different to your's, but i always like to use the sniper wherever possible

    The East Wing:
    Run into the east wing, putting your rifle case on the belt before stepping through the scanner (I'm assuming you've already fully upgraded your sniper rifle, but to do this you at least need the foil padded suitcase). Pick your case back up and run to the end of the room and into the toilet on the left. A man should be stepping out as you get there: thats your first disguise.
    After a short wait behind the door of the toilet, the man should re-enter. Sedate him once the doors closed and take his outfit. You'll need to carefully position his body behind the door so no-one sees it when you open the door. Pick your case back up, and head out of the toilet, making a U-turn through the door on your left into another room with the security tape. Quickly take it (There shouldn't be anyone looking) and head back out into the hall. Go straight through the cafeteria and into the next hall, where you'll find a door leading to a set of stairs up onto the roof. Head towards the scaffold and climb the ladder to the top, but don't climb off yet!

    The Main Building:
    Clutching to the top of the ladder, you should be able to see at least one decorator through the window, probably two (You can also consult your map if your on a lower difficulty setting). When both the decorators have left, climb up and through the window. Run to the other side of the room and hide behind the wardrobe there - one of the decorators will be back soon. When the decorator has returned, head through the door on your right, then another to the right of that. Run straight through all of these rooms until you get to the second from last one. Open the left hand door into the next room in such a way as you can see through it but no-one can see you (You may have to switch to third person if you arn't using it already). There's probably a marine in there somewhere, but he's easy to avoid. There's a decorator outfit on one side of the room - hope they fit.
    Still with your rifle case in hand (No, one seems to think a decorator with a briefcase is weird), head down the stairs and into the room opposite (There should be a guard there who will scan you, but won't find anything). HEad into the next room and open the box here - it will soon be the VP's final resting place. Wait by the opposite door and eventually Daniel Morris will come in (Sans annoying dog). Run up behind him, fibrewire him, and dump the body in the box. Leave with your rifle case, and head back upstairs to the room you got your trendy new clothes and out through the empty window inside.

    The West not that god-awful program:
    Climb down this scaffold and across to the other side of the roof. Place your rifle case behind the roof of the Oval Office (The big dome on the roof) within sight of the door. A Secret Service man will eventually come out for a cigarette and will (Hopefully) see the rifle case. When he's picked it up and is heading back, run behind him and sedate him. (This does'nt always work - the guard will sometimes ignore the case. If this should happen, just sneak up behind him and sedate him anyway) Drag the body round to the other side of the Oval Office roof and remove him of everything of value. Don't bother picking your rifle case back up - this is where you'll use it and no-one should move it. Head inside and down to the ground floor. The Oval Office should be easy enough to find, and the cutscene that plays when you enter is also easy enough to predict.
    When you've risen from the completely-harmless-explosion-that-would-have-killed-anyone-else-in-the-game-but-somehow-does-no-damage-to-clones, run back up to the roof and unpack your sniper. Parchezzi is at the opposite side of the roof, where you climbed down. Edging sideways until your sights clear the fence surrounding the edge of the building, you should see Parchezzi cowering. Put him out of his missery and re-pack your sniper.

    The Getaway:
    You can do more-or-less whatever you want here. Everyone's running around in a panick and no-one's going to stop an SS man who looks like he knows what he's doing. Head back to the East Wing in whatever way you see fit. Go back into the toiletto pickup your suit and head on out. Don't worry if your smuggling out weapons - even though the scanner does go off, no-one cares what someone who's leaving is carrying.

    Rating: Silent Assassin
    Kills: 2
    Close combat kills: 1
    Shots fired: 1
    Shots hit: 1
    Head shots: 1

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