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    Default No Sound Problem

    Hello,recently i bought Shellshock Nam 67 as a budget game.
    After installing the game i found out that i get no sound during gameplay and in the menu.I have only sound in the intro.
    My PC config is :Athlon 3800+ , 1024 MB , DirectX 9.0 , and an onboard Realtek AC97 soundcard.
    I already tried updating the most recent realtek driver and tried switching ON and OFF the 3D sound option in the ini-file.
    Nothing seams to solve my problem.
    Can someone help me please???

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    Yeah Same prob here, you wont find anyone who wants to help you. i have tried for ages, doesnt seem to work updating anything.


    Asrock 4core dual vsta
    Intel e6420
    1024mb ram
    x1950 pro agp 256mb
    on board sound, realtek hd audio

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    I have the same problem, first no graphics, fixed that in the text file, and now nosound. Also tryed turning on 3d sounds on/off but no effect.
    I aint going to play this game without sound, im lucky i bought this game in budget for 2,50 euro's of something, and counting on all the problems everyone is having id say that should have been the right price from the beginning.

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