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Thread: Any New Soul Reaver Games For xbox 360

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    Question Any New Soul Reaver Games For xbox 360

    For all the fans of soul reaver I think we should really try to get eidos to come out with a new soul reaver game for the xbox 360 because, I don't know about you but I've gotten really board with legacy of Kain:defience
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    The soul reaver series ended with Raziel.

    The throne has rightly been returned to Kain.

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    At least you can play your 360. I ended up having my HDD delete all my data, then got clicking noises before getting the red lights of death. I sent it in, they sent me some refurbished crap, which couldn't access Live, so now I have to wait for them to call me back with instructions on what to do (turns out they sent out 1000 refurbished units like that).

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    Greetings, xdawg17 and welcome to the Community! Because your inquiry has been brought up before, please take the time to refer to the following threads where you may further your thoughts:

    Who thinks it's about time for an official announcement?

    Will there be another LOK?

    What do you think the next LOK title should be?

    Things fans want in LOK 6

    LOK with 360 or PS3?

    Thanks and happy posting!
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