What's up with the installers these days, they're becoming intrusive!

The problem is that the installer wouldn't let me install the game on my D drive (30 GB free) because I didn't have enough space on my C drive (I was about 28 MB short should I want to install the game on that drive. Where I understand that some space is required on the C for register stuff but surely the people at Wise didn't set the installer to check if there's one GB free before letting you install the game on your other drive

Anyway managed to install the game on the D drive after temporary moving some stuff, but it's annoying the installer should do what I tell it to do. Age Of Empires 3 demo had it as well so clearly is a problem of the Wise installer. If someone could give them a hint to remove the "check disk space on C drive beforing installing on different drive" function (or making the required space a lot smaller) that would be nice

/off to play