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Thread: Can't connect to hosted games

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    Default Can't connect to hosted games

    Help - recently bought PS on PS2 and got a few mates to do the same (after seeing the dissapointing lack of players online). Trouble being that when a game is hosted, no one can join! (the same if I host - none of me mates can join either - as well as variations of the other players).

    The game server appears red on the game selection area - not sure if this is a factor - and we get a 'failed to connect' message when attempting to join.

    I'm able to run around on any game type as a single player - and looking at the maps/weapons etc feel this should be a most excellent game - but being a lone player is not much fun.

    Also, is there any particular time/day when most ppl log in? If I can actually get to join a game, I'm sure it will be great to play larger groups too.

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    Thumbs up lo fella

    guess we are using the same site after all!

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