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Thread: Game Crash / Reboots--Cant Play

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    Unhappy Game Crash / Reboots--Cant Play

    I have the system:


    Processor: Intel EM64T 3.2Ghz HT

    Motherboard: ASUS P5WD2 Premium

    RAM: Corsair Value RAM 667 1GB (512x2)

    HDD: 120GB SATA Segates

    VGA: ASUS EN6600/TD/256M (NVIDIA Chipset)

    Optical Drive, Floppy Drive.

    I have updated all the drivers.

    I can run the game (SHELLSHOCK NAM67) without any errors but when I select and start to play 'New Game' often the PC restarts or the game closes thus retuning to desktop (without any error msg) and more often I see screen flashing. I have taken a 'Screen Shot' as I am not able to explain.

    Please check:

    It's a screen shot of what I am encountering.

    Please ANYONE help me resolve this problem... I am really annoyed!

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    Read my post on making the game work:

    You need to increase your virtual memory (paging file) size; look for that section in the post. If this doesn't clear it up, just tell me and we'll try something else.

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