Mike Werb on Tekken & Face/Off 2
Source: Dark Horizons February 28, 2005

Screenwriter Mike Werb confirmed to Screenwriting Magazine that footballer Brian White is in talks for a lead role in the big screen adaptation of video game Tekken.

"You can't go too far off the map when you're working with a film thats source material is a computer game. The idea here is to make a realistic movie out of an unrealistic stencil," says White. "You get guys like White, and whoever else, and suddenly you've got people that look like they belong in the world...What we hope to do with 'Tekken' is to entertain both those who have played the game,and those that haven't - there's got to be more than effects and skirmishes on screen to hold an audience".

Werb has also had talks with director John Woo about writing a follow-up to 1997's hit action-thriller Face/Off, which starred John Travolta and Nicolas Cage. "Initially, it was just a similiar idea, then we decided we might as well make it a sequel, not a direct sequel, but a sequel all the same. Imagine two females in the Nic and John roles and we're bound for a good time". Werb said he's already suggested Angelina Jolie, as "There's no going past her".

Werb added that he has written a scriptment for a new version of Double Dragon as well.