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Thread: "Forestia Révoltozoo", launch problem.

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    Unhappy "Forestia Révoltozoo", launch problem.

    I buied "Forestia Révoltozoo" the last december, i can install it, but when i try to launch the game, whit the short-cut, it doesn't work, i try whit the ".exe", it doesn't work too.

    "Lauch error" or somethings like that appear in a Windows pop-up, and, on eidos support, i can't have any patch or solutions, i send two time a mail for get help but i still have no answers,

    So, i change all the drivers to the most recent drivers, (graphics car, sound cards, BIOS, etc....), but it doesn't work again.

    I delete all "Forestia Révoltozoo" regedit key, like eidos FAQ told me if i have some problems whit the game, after this, i uninstall and install one more time "Forestia Révoltozoo" and try to lauch the game one more time, but it still bugged, blocked, i haven't succeed to launch the game yet.

    Can you help me to find a solution for this problem ?
    I am noob for resolve computer problem, i ask you because i hope you can help me, "Forestia Révoltozoo" isn't a famous game, help me please...........

    (excuse my very bad english, i learn a few years only)

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    Can't say I have heard of the game - but which version of Windows are you using?

    Could it be XP, and was this game released before XP?

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