Hello all,

I bought this due to the great reviews but I cannot get the controls to work on my Mac (PC). I'm using my trackpad, although I've tried this with the Mouse as well. First, I cannot go into "sneak" when I click the left portion of the Pad unless I do it "just right" (which is almost impossible). Instead, when I click the left portion, I often end up firing whatever weapon I'm holding and alerting the bad guys (which results in my death). Any ideas on why this doesn't work?

Another issue I have is that I chose the "Pacifist" mode to take down the guys in the factory and now my guns have no cross-hairs or laser dot to show where I am aiming. So I cannot hit anything even if I try! Distance is not the issue: they don't show up when I'm close or when I'm far away (and I've got long-range rifles anyway). Is that intentional in this game? It is really irritating.

Lastly, how does one Save this game? I'm stuck with the auto-save right now and have not found any way to Save when I want to do so. i've checked the tutorials and help but have not found anything.

I appreciate any help!