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Thread: Your favorite Hitman mission of all time?

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    Question Your favorite Hitman mission of all time?

    Okay let's see what mission people have loved playing the most of all the missions of all the games.

    I'll start myself and I'll have to go with "The Lee Hong Assasination" in the original game. This is parcially based on nostalgia, but it was the first mission to really give me the feel of being a Hitman. After having done all of the preliminary work in the missions leading up to it, it felt amazing having this huge level to explore. The trial and error phase you had to go through to finally come up with your approach and then executing it to the letter was nothing short of an amazing experience. I absolutely fell in love with the franchise at that point.

    Great, great mission. I still fire up C:47 and play it every so often. Love it.

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    Probably Traditions of the Trade, because of how large the area is and the number of floors.

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