I can;t find any kind of search function so I can't see if this has been asked before, I've Google'd but it looks like loads of people have made the same complaint yet nothing has been done about it over the years.

There is no option to change the layout of the gamepad, yet there is an option to change the layout of the keyboard. There are software apps out there which allow you to set the keys to buttons and yet this game lacks even the simplest versions of this software.

I have a disability which affects my hands, specifically my fingers. I can't use a keyboard for games and rely on gamepads to be able to play and as a result I can't play this game with a keyboard layout. The gamepad layout is horrendous, why can we not change even a single button? It's not like we would be changing the game or cheating...

Is there a patch or mod that will allow me to set the buttons to something that won't cause me physical pain, that's the question I'm needing to answer. If the answer is yes then I'll be able to finally start to enjoy playing this game but if there is no possibility I'll have to seek a refund.