My review of PlayStation TV:

Ok, so I bought the PlayStation TV, eagerly anticipating the ability to play my PS4 (which is in the living room) remotely in my bedroom. This is especially useful if my roommate and some friends want to watch Netflix in the living room.

It is a console that is not exactly a console. It is a small box with several connections (power, USB port, Vita Memory chip port, HDMI out port, and Ethernet port all on the back. On the side is a cover for a port to put in PS Vita game cartridges.) It is compatible with PlayStation Dual Shock 3 and Dual Shock 4 controllers, and a limited array of bluetooth headsets and keyboards.

The box is even smaller than a PS4 or PS3 controller. Rather than go into numbers, I'll just describe it thus: Width and length wise, it's not much bigger than a credit card. Depth wise, it's just deep enough to support the architecture for all the ports and circuitry.

The connection I have set up for my PSTV is thus:

-Ethernet line into a multiport from my bedroom which runs out into the router in the living room.

-Ethernet line from my PS4 in the living room, to the router.

This should suggest that I have a fairly fast connection between my PSTV and my PS4. Well, mostly that is true, but the problem is, sometimes I have to jump through hoops just to make it happen.

The first couple of times I made connection were brief, and riddled with artifact and drop out problems. I had to reset both systems, and then I was able to get a stable connection.

I also had to keep my display settings for the PSTV on Automatic, which by default is 720p. (When I had set it to 1080i, the maximum resolution the PSTV can natively deliver, it seemed to create bandwidth problems, even with my direct connection to the router, so I put it back on Automatic.)

The game I used to test the connection was Alien Isolation.

The game looked gorgeous over the Remote Link on PSTV, even in 720p.

At first, the control seemed a little spongy. In other words, sometimes it would seem like if I turned Ripley, or had her look in a direction, it would seem like she would continue her turn or look just a split second after I released the right stick to stop her turn/look. After a short moment, that seemed to rectify itself. It felt like I was playing the PS4 in my room, even though the unit itself was out in the living room.

I was going to try and see how Destiny played over the PSTV, but unfortunately, Bungie was having problems with PSN (which seems to be happening all too frequently) so I could not get an idea of how an online game would play on it.

I also have yet to see how its PS Vita functionality works. Right now, I have several Vita games, but none of them seem to be on the compatibility list for PSTV. (The list of games compatible with PSTV right now seems woefully short. Hopefully with firmware updates, more Vita games will be compatible. As I mentioned earlier, there is a cartidge port on the side of the PSTV that runs Vita cartridges.

I also have yet to see how PS Now (the game streaming service for PlayStation 4 and 3) works.

Overall, I'll give the system a 6/10 rating. It has potential, but right now it's off to a shallow start. I am still glad to be able to play my PS4 games in the privacy of my own room when the need arises. (I keep my PS4 in my living room in case my roommate wants to try some of the games I have for it.) This probably would've actually gotten a 5/10 rating by me, but the 100 dollar price tag is not bad, so I gave it the extra just needs to deliver a bit more bang for the buck. Again, hopefully with future firmware upgrades, that'll happen.