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Thread: Official LCTOO FAQ

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    They actually chose your questions for the community Q&A. Have a look. But anyway, yes, there will be Steam trading cards - six of them.

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    Adding our latest official Q&A session answers:

    1) A Big House: Guardian of Light featured plenty of side challenges for the player to complete throughout a level (e.g. Kill 20 spiders). Does Osiris also include additional objectives like that for the player?

    2) A Big House: Where did you gather inspiration for Lara's tomb raiding nemesis, Carter, and can we expect to see him in future (hopefully) Lara Croft titles?

    3) Tainanlctr: Will there be Steam trading cards?

    4) Tainanlctr: Will multiplayer servers ping locally, such as in Brazil?

    5) RyanCroftsLara: What made you decide to bring back Keeley Hawes as Lara's voice instead of Ludington?

    6) AlexWeiss: What was the process of deciding which qualities of the classic Lara Croft to mix with the qualities of the reboot Lara Croft like?

    7) Farron: If playing local multiplayer on PS4, will you allow all logged in players to receive trophies?

    8) Danielsun: Question: Does the multiplayer incorporate matchmaking and does it allow drop in and drop out?

    9) Eros: Will all characters get bonus costumes in Temple of Osiris, not just Lara?

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