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Thread: The Doctor Who Thread

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    Okay guys, my long awaited Doctor Who post is coming now, I am about to type it all, but it should be a MASSIVE post that is absolutely huge in length, and I anticipate it taking AT LEAST an hour to write, so bear with me, mates!!!
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    I AM NOT DONE POSTING (I'll make an edit to let ya'll know, but feel free to reply to what I already wrote if you wish, fellow Whovians), I JUST AM CONSTANTLY SUBMITTING/SAVING THE POST IN CASE I LOSE IT (God forbid!)!!! Thanks!!!

    Okay everyone, I'll start with NuWho (as that is shorter) and then I'll go to my massive Classic Who post.

    Here are my mini-reviews for the rest of Season 8 (note that I review on a 1-10 scale, with 7 being an "average" score):

    Time Heist

    Good all around episode, but the best part was definitely the Teller. Haven't had a good new Doctor Who monster like that for quite a while.


    The Caretaker

    Okay episode, didn't really like the Skovox Blitzer, didn't like Courtney, and Danny's ninja jump made me literally laugh out loud in disbelief.


    Kill the Moon

    I know a lot of people didn't like this episode, but I liked it a lot. Most of that probably had to do with the ending speech Clara gave The Doctor. Loved it.

    "You walk our Earth, Doctor, you breath our air, you make us your friend, then that is your moon, too, Doctor, and you can damn well help us when we need it!"

    Great, powerful line, and although I loved how it developed Clara as a character, I didn't like the direction her character was heading as I like a companion who respects The Doctor, not one who disrespects him. She went from being my favorite new series companion, to somewhere in the middle.


    Mummy on the Orient Express

    I absolutely adored this episode. No complaints from me, other than the fact that they brushed over Clara's confrontation with The Doctor way too easily.



    Great episode, loved the Boneless and the mini-TARDIS, also loved Clara being The Doctor.

    In the Forest of the Night

    Meh episode. Not much to say.


    Dark Water

    I LOVED this episode. I did have Danny's death and Clara's betrayal spoiled for me by a damn review title since it airs earlier in the UK than here in the States. Still, great setup for the finale, got me successfully hyped, and the reveal that Missy was the Mistress was awesome, albeit predictable. The Cybermen reveal was also great, although I wish that they didn't reveal that the Cybermen were in the episode in the previews; would've made for a much better reveal, although when the doors closed and revealed the Cybermen logo, I did have a bit of an "a-ha!" moment.

    Now, to talk a bit on Clara's betrayal:

    I loved this scene. "Do I have your attention?". I know some people disliked that it was basically a dream sequence, but I loved that, as it showed that The Doctor is always in control, without taking away from the fact of how desperate Clara was. Also, my dad and I had to rewind the episode, as we could not believe that The Doctor told Clara to go to hell. I laughed even more however, when Capaldi looked genuinely puzzled, as he didn't realize at all that it was a double entendre.


    Death in Heaven

    Now I know some of you will disagree with me, but I can't talk enough about how much I loved this finale. Definitely the best finale of NuWho, and I rank it as one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes in the history of the show.

    I absolutely loved Michelle Gomez as the Mistress; she killed it, stole the show. Was just as crazy as John Simm's portrayal (sadly, I haven't seen enough of Roger Delgado or Anthony Ainley to comment on their performances). Couldn't believe that she actually killed Osgood (loved seeing her in Smith's bowtie and Tennant's trainers, would've been nice to see her with Troughton's recorder, Davison's celery, Baker's cat brooch, or McCoy's umbrella in a future episode), although that was a great scene. I liked that she tried to bring The Doctor down to her level, and I liked that The Doctor was willing to kill her, but ultimately, his conscience was saved by an old friend. Gomez is a fantastic Master, although I don't know how I feel about her being confirmed as appearing next season. Seems a bit too soon for me, maybe wait a season or two.

    The line about Americans praying gave my dad and I a good laugh. Seeing the picture of Nick Courtney as the Brigadier made me smile so much, as I never thought that Moffat would ever put an in-your-face Classic series reference like that. (I'll get to the Cyber-Brig in a moment). I also loved The Doctor being made President of Boat One, and his line to Missy about ruling the world being surprisingly not hard got a great smile out of me.

    As for Kate Stewart, I loved how confident she was, throwing the old Cybermen head to the ground and stating very matter-of-factly "you left this behind last time" or something of the sort (great throwback to the Classic era, btw). I couldn't believe they would have the gall to kill her off, as I feel the show NEEDS a Lethbridge-Stewart in charge of UNIT. But then, they brought her back, with a Cyber-Brig ex machine (which I had no problem with). Which leads me too...

    The Brigadier's appearance. I. Loved. This. Scene. My friend Carmine literally called me up as soon as the episode ended, and as soon as I picked up, I heard "MIKE! That was the Brigadier! THEY SHOWED THE BRIGADIER!". We both thought it was a lovely scene. Now, I know that it divided the Doctor Who fandom in that some felt that it was a great tribute to both Nick Courtney and the Brigadier, and some felt that it disrespected him and that the character should have been left alone. I personally view it as the former, and that scene, along with Danny's goodbye to Clara, are the two times I teared up in this episode. That salute tho...

    Oh, and as for Danny Pink, this episode sold me on him. For the entire season, I couldn't make up my mind on whether on not I liked him. I was a bit wishy-washy on him. he never truly drew me in as a likable character. Until this episode, that is. His sacrifice in bringing back the boy he shot and saving the world with an army of Cybermen was great. I'd be okay if his story was done, but I suspect this isn't the last we'll see of P.E.

    Oh yeah, and the bit where they both lied. Loved it, as I felt that summed up their relationship perfectly. Clara lying to him in order to not hold him back from his home, and The Doctor lying to her in order to not hold her back from her life with Danny. The irony that they were both lying was a fitting end to Clara's story as well, and I would have been fine if they decided to end her story there and not bring her back in the Christmas special. The bit about hugs being a way to hide your face was so sad, because it was so true, and Eccleston, Tennant, and Smith were all guilty of that, as well as Capaldi.

    And The Doctor meets Santa Claus played by Nick Frost? Oh yeah, can't wait.

    There's not a single complaint I have about this episode. Absolutely perfect, and the rating can only ever be:


    Now, on to the Classic Series...
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    We agree on Time Heist, Flatline and Mummy...

    The Caretaker was OK, but was really a character building ep for Clara, The Doctor and Danny, and defined the relationships of all three for the season. It was good on that basis, but I don't want to see too many eps like that.

    Kill The Moon. Imagine Amy in that situation. She'd have figured it out and pressed the right button in no time and without whining about it. We know this, because she did exactly that in The Beast Below. Clara was like a baby crying for its dummy, with no sign of the hyper-intelligent girl she is supposed to be. But sadly, the only real consistency with Clara is her inconstant personality. The end, with the new moon mystically created out of nowhere by the just hatched thingy, was also laughable.

    In The Forest Of The Night. Ludicrous concept, but I liked it as a character piece. Magical mystical trees just don't work in Doctor Who. Not unless you can slap an 'alien' tag on them for suspension of disbelief.

    Dark Water & Death In Heaven I have given my views on, mostly. Dreadful. I have mixed feelings about the tribute to the Brig, too. They already did a far better tribute with Smith's Doctor, and it seemed a bit unnecessary. Possibly the worst part in the whole mess was the dreadful ending, though, with Danny somehow magically creating a new body for a long dead kid out of... what, exactly? Even if I'd liked the rest, which I mostly hadn't, that moment was so utterly dire it brought the ep to a new low point. Very poor story, badly executed, with only the odd shining character moment to redeem it at all.
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    Okay, on to Classic Who. First, I will rank all 13 Doctors with an explanation, then I will rank all of the companions I have seen with an explanation, and finally, I will write my mini-reviews of the 22 Classic stories I have seen. (note that I rank the Doctor's purely on their character as their Doctor, not on their companions or stories. Since I have yet to see a bad Pertwee episode, I would say his tenure as The Doctor was probably the greatest.).

    I've been typing for almost two hours so far, so...

    Let's begin:

    1. David Tennant

    My first Doctor, and my favorite Doctor. Tennant was the epitome of what The Doctor should be. When I think of "The Doctor", I immediately think of Tennant first. He could be funny and silly and charming, but at times, he is a serious and dark Doctor, a "no second chances sort of a man". The speed at which he switches moods is quite impressive, and I love his "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry". He's a kind Doctor, very moral, and loathes violence, but he manipulates others and although he'll give you a chance, if you cross him, you'll regret it.

    2. Matt Smith

    The Raggedy Man. He had to impossible job of taking over from arguably the most popular Doctor ever, but he did a damn good job at it. Smith was alien, the most alien Doctor since Tom Baker in my opinion. He was the youngest Doctor yet, but he really made it seem like he was the oldest. Through his eyes (and this is also something Tennant had), you really felt how hurt and damaged he was from the Time War, and how old he was and everything he has seen. Very childish, but, like Tennant, can snap into rage. While Tennant's anger was like fire, Smith's was like ice. Best regeneration sequence, in my opinion.

    3. Tom Baker

    What a great Doctor. I didn't think Pertwee would be dethroned as my number three, and at first, Baker didn't top him, but as I watched the show more and more, I realized how great Tom is in the role. His humor was top notch, and in contrast to the other highly rated Tennant, he was the most alien of all Doctors, while Tennant was the most human. Baker's relationship with his companions was also top notch, and his relationships with Sarah Jane, Leela, and Romana were a driving force of the show.

    4. Jon Pertwee

    Pertwee was an excellent Doctor. He was a very physical Doctor, using his Venusian Aikido on multiple occasions, but that's not all he had going for him. He had wits, and also humor, and as I previously said, he had the best run IMO in the history of the show. Throughout his tenure, you really felt Pertwee was "the boss". He was The Doctor, and what he said, goes.

    5. Peter Capaldi

    I knew I would like Capaldi, but I didn't think I would love him. After being skeptical of Matt Smith, I instead had high hopes for Capaldi, and he exceeded my expectations. He's a no-nonsense kind of Doctor, and his grumpy old man attitude combined with his dry, sarcastic sense of humor put him among my favorite Doctors.

    6. Paul McGann

    The one hit wonder Doctor. Although he wasn't in the role for very long, and his initial appearance was in a generally bad TV movie, McGann was a brilliant Doctor. His appearance in Night of the Doctor showed this again, and the Big Finish Audio stories continue to show his greatness.

    7. Peter Davison

    Like Matt Smith after him, Davison had the impossible job of succeeding arguably the most popular Doctor ever, and while he didn't do as quite a good job at it as Matt Smith did, I enjoyed Davison's performance nonetheless. He had a sort of arrogance yet charm that made him likable. And best of all, he hadn't changed at all when he appeared in NuWho's Time Crash and his own special, The Five-ish Doctors Reboot.

    8. Christopher Eccleston

    The first Doctor of NuWho. If Eccleston wasn't a good Doctor, we might never have gotten Tennant or Smith or Capaldi. While his successors were all better than him, that doesn't mean he wasn't a fantastic Doctor. He was dark, and not as playful as his two immediate successors. A good Doctor throughout.

    9. Sylvester McCoy

    An interesting Doctor. Funny at first, and then became dark, but either way, he was a good Doctor.

    10. Colin Baker

    I didn't think I would like Colin Baker, but alas, I was wrong. Another great arrogant Doctor.

    11. Patrick Troughton

    A silly Doctor that took over the role of The Doctor, and did it very well. If he had failed, we would not have the rest of the Doctors we love. His humor was the best thing about him, whether it be intentional or not.

    12. William Hartnell

    Like Colin Baker, I didn't think I would like grumpy old Bill Hartnell. During Hartnell's time, it was mainly a companion show, with The Doctor as a sidekick, but Hartnell played the role just fine, and as my first Classic Doctor, got me hooked to the show.

    13. John Hurt

    Although he was only The Doctor for one episode (albeit the 50th Anniversary Special), he did a great job. The bottom line of all this shows that while I have ranked The Doctors from my favorite to my least favorite, in my opinion, there hasn't been a single bad Doctor, and I genuinely loved them all.

    Now, on to the companions.
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    There are bad Pertwee stories. Well, I recall one! Invasion Of The Dinosaurs is not very good at all.

    There are NO bad Troughton stories - or none that survive From how low you put him, I can see you haven't seen much of him, yet. He'll rise as you watch more, I have no doubt

    Agree on Matt Smith.

    Like your comparison of Tom Baker with David Tennant. 'Most alien' vrs 'Most human' sounds right.

    Davison was always a bit bland, for me.

    Overall, though, I have to agree that there are no bad Doctors. There are bad stories (And some utterly godawful Companions!) but generally speaking, when given a chance the Doctors themselves have all shone.
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