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Thread: how much time i have to wait ?

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    Default how much time i have to wait ?

    Harrassaments not punished

    This guy is still flaming made a
    Violation profile and he is treatating me .to show my facebook photos
    harrassments both here and on thief main board

    Driber You told to me to ask by pm nothing happened

    I waited a long now .im over disgusted on how the people can break rules without get banned . over disgusted

    Reported nothing happened passed 48 hours
    I ve Sent msg to the mods nothing happen . better i were treated in infrsction. passed 48 hours
    congratulazioni bello stuff

    I wish remember that I get banned for less 2 times . is this forum raciest ? I'm becoming raciest too

    Nice staff congratulation eidos

    The guy is massimilianogoi a pervert
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