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Thread: Most current Director's Cut version?

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    Default Most current Director's Cut version?


    I have the Director's Cut version of the game on Steam. When I load up the game, it says the game's version is 1.4.651.0. It also says this when I view the properties for the game's exe.

    I would like to use the debug menu mod, but that suggests I need game version for it to work. But, Steam isn't downloading any updates for the game?

    Do I need to install the separate "Missing Link DLC" in order to update to the newest game version, or what gives? @_@

    Edit: Hm. Odd. It seems that despite the fact that I have the 'Director's Cut' version of the game, what I'm actually running seems to be vanilla Deus Ex: HR, since the vanilla files for 1.4.651.0 seem to work.
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    Don't even bother playing the DC version. Keep the original.

    The DC version is a broken, unpatched pile of garbage.

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