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Thread: PC: Tomb Raider - CTD

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    Default PC: Tomb Raider - CTD

    Hey. I decided to buy Tomb Raider during the Steam Summer Sale. I installed it, played it for about ten minutes, then crashed to desktop. Launched the game again and my screen went black after a few more minutes of play. I had to hard reset my computer.

    I've read about disabling tesselation and exclusive full-screen after searching for a fix. However, the suggested fixes are well over a year old. I have a pretty decent computer that can more than handle this game on Ultra, so I'd like to play using Ultra settings if at all possible.


    • i7-2600K @ 4.6GHz
    • 8GB 2133MHz
    • GTX 780 Ti Classified SLI (x2)
    • 240GB SSD RAID 0 (x2)
    • 2TB 64MB/7,200rpm HDD RAID 0 (x2)
    • Nvidia 340.43 Beta Driver

    I ran it for a few minutes with exclusive full-screen disabled without any issues, however, the game feels sluggish in so doing. There must be a fix for this well after a year of Tomb Raider being released, right?

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