Being educated on the topic, let me sate your woes.

Yes I uninstalled and re-downloaded, yes I ran it under MANY compatibility formats, ran local cashes for "repairs" that never came to be, string id upon lobby.

I know what causes this, that damn dll. document I cannot seem to replace properly or repair. This is a STEAM game, not mobile etc, so I expect more from them, but I receive nothing but dead ends from them and it seems squarenix can give 2 s about this game enough to properly patch it for steam users or contact anyone for diagnostic or file repair. As my name implies, they already have my 10$, why would they care.

Here is my tower if this is any kind of help:
GeForce GTX 650
AMD FX(tm)-8320 Eight Core Processor
8.00 GB ram (8.00 GM usable) //NOTE I am using virtual memory from a second hard drive.
Driver 337.88
Microsoft Windows 8.1

Yes ALL my drivers are up to date, from windows drivers, to graphics drivers, to everything in between, thus is why im frustrated. I don't expect any help here either, but before I take a fat dump on everything the fall is, id like one more good shot to compete my achievement list.