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    Hi everyone, I'm new here. Apologies straight up if this issue has already been covered here.

    I'm having some slight stuttering issues with the original DX:HR. Now before you ask, I didn't like how the Director's Cut looked or performed on my laptop. I played the Missing Link before the DC came out, so decided I could live with the original. Besides I found the s**t going on in the Missing Link more disturbing than the rest of the story, one playthrough was enough.

    So I stuck with the original, because I found I could achieve the kind of dark Blade Runner style visuals similar to the cutscenes and the trailer. I did it by downgrading to DirectX9 and lowering the brightness to a minimum. Only problem is the game stutters somewhat with it. My rig is more than capable of handling the game, it ran on DX11 on maximum settings like a breeze. My specs are: Win7 64-bit, Intel Core i3 2370 2.4GHz, 4GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce 630M. No mods installed, nothing.

    So is DX9 simply too low or something? Seems kinda laughable. The stuttering isn't a huge deal, but smooth playthrough would've been preferrable. Is there a possible fix for this? Thanks in advance.
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