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Thread: Taggart won't talk and other bugs

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    Default Taggart won't talk and other bugs

    So, I have been replaying on the directors cut on steam and I've gotten through Picus without any bugs or trouble. However, after returning to Detriot, I get weird glitches when the movies won't play, I somehow skipped going and talking to Sarif in my apartment and skipped straight to the lobby. But it's livable. I get to the social boss fight with taggart, the one in front of the press conference at the convention center, and taggart won't respond to my interactions. I know that this social boss fight is their because the commentary track is telling me that it is and there are videos on youtube. He just keeps waving his hands around and the murmer is hear like I'm listening to him through the door.

    Reloading hasn't worked, reseting hasn't worked, verifying the cashe integrity hasn't worked. And yet, I can't find this glitch anywhere else online, so it seems to be just me. My last hard save was back at Picus, and I'll be replaying to get to this point again to see if it replicates, but I have a feeling it'll still be the same. Any ideas? I could just work around and hack Sandovals computer or whatever the alternate path was, but I didn't do the Taggard social fight the first time and was looking forward to it this time around.

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    Are you using a headphones with the game? Make sure it's plugged in completely and I had to rotate the inserted plug to hear the sound on some occasions.

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