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Thread: DE:HR on PC, Issues

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    Default DE:HR on PC, Issues

    1. Is anyone having problems with the cloak? I push the F1 key but it will not activate. I have to reprogram the key.
    2. Will this game work with Xfire? I love the takedown cutscenes. Altering the player's(Jensen's) approach will give you a different takedown. This is the replay value of this game to me. I had some fantastic takedowns during play this weekend but I was unable to record them.

    I sometimes play this game in the library and kids gather around me just to watch my takedowns. This is such a great game!

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    I'm good to go...

    I reprogrammed the Typhoon key too.

    My solution with xfire required me to change the in-game renderer to D3D11

    Also, thanks for the Game+ extra. I'm playing my final round on DE:HRC with almost all of my augments for the start. :-)

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