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Thread: Hengsha LIMG Clinic Audio Bug

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    Exclamation Hengsha LIMG Clinic Audio Bug

    So I'm playing v DX:HR Director's Cut for Steam. All was well until I exited the Hengsha LIMG Clinic. The sound began looping and I can't talk to to the contact. Then it froze. I restarted, and had the same issue. Tried reloading, same issue. Up till now everything was fine. Is there a patch I need or something? I can't progress...

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    I was about to report this bug aswell, This is very annoying,

    CypherSteel: I got rid of the issue by I think loading in a different area till it autosaved. I ran left all the way down and just keep running down the halls even if there is guards and eventually the sounds stops and you can talk to people and use things again.

    For Devs:

    It happens everytime you leave the clinic. Even if you save the game, then close it and reload into that save, its still messed up and you need to somehow find an area that triggers it to stop audio looping. You can't talk to anyone, open anydoors, pick anything up etc. Nobody makes any noise, but they still walk around.

    (Actually I noticed right when the audio stops, it is the beginning of someones conversation/ someone randomly talking to you. So maybe it does not require an autosave to return the audio back, but for someone to initiate a conversation with you? idk its an annoying bug though!)

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    I've reloaded prior to entering the LIMB clinic a couple of times now and you can hear the audio loop as soon as you exit the clinic before the graphics finish loading. The only people nearby are the recent graduate and pimp whose conversation was fine when you first encounter them so I don't think it's their audio that is glitching. I would guess that there is an event which is supposed to trigger when you exit the clinic but fails for some reason. The LIMB clinic was the first place I visited after the Hung Hua Hotel. I haven't killed anyone and the only person I knocked out was the fellow in the room where you get the smartcard so unless that particular person was the trigger it's something else.

    This is a fairly significant and very obvious bug which happens every time upon exiting the LIMB clinic so I don't understand how this could have gotten past the betatesters, but it's been more than ten months since this bug was reported (on Steam -- I presume someone also reported the problem to Eidos), so is there going to be a patch or not? As long as I'm not required to enter the LIMB clinic later I can probably live without the two Praxis kits, but its still very frustrating and I certainly won't be buying another Eidos game without first checking that all the bugs have been fixed first.

    I guess I was spoiled by the Skyrim community fixing bugs in the unofficial patch kit as soon as they were discovered. Since that's not an option in this case, hopefully if enough of us stop buying Eidos games until after they fix all the bugs they'll get the message that this is unacceptable.

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