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Thread: audio delay when using weapons

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    Default audio delay when using weapons

    Hi everyone,

    I am using a Asus Xonar DG soundcard (together with a I3-3220 and a Geforce 570 GTX) and in the game I get these strange sound delays when firing a weapon. That means I shoot the weapon, the graphical effect appears but the actual sound effect only "arrives" a second later.
    I have searched google and I noticed that quite some users have (had?) this problem - but most of them date back to 2011 or 2012. Now I was wondering if there are some current solutions to that issue or some fixes that weren´t available back then. What is the best way to eliminate, or at least reduce, this kind of audio lag?



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    I'm experiencing this problem too; but they don't give a * about their customers and just will * on you.

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    Yup, this issue occurs in both the original and director's cut release.

    Both my audio devices get the delay. It's noticable when firing the first rifle you get ( other weapons sound fine except for maybe the sub machine gun ).

    Makes me sad... was really hoping to see it fixed in the director's cut

    System specifications:

    Motherboard: GA-990FXA-UD3 rev 1.1
    OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
    CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 965 BE
    GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7850
    RAM: 4 gigs of DDR3 1333Mhz
    SPU: Creative Audigy 4 & Realtek High Definition Audio

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