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Thread: Left handed on PC

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    Default Left handed on PC

    Hi just bought Deus Ex HR (also big fan of the previous 2 main Deus Ex games)

    One gripe i do have as a left handed player on PC, all menus totaly ignore my system mouse setting (i.e. swapping left and right mouse buttons) this is something that is extremly anoying but not game breaking (ok i can switch the buttons for weapon main / alt fire) please, please please on future releases of this excellent series of games, have a thought for us lefties

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    Same issue here, I'm left-handed as well... so I just go and use a fully-Steam-compatible PC controller; better than having to rebind the keys each time I wanna try out a new game.

    It is sad how devs in general offer more support for "foreign" console devices (such as rumble-capable Xbox 360 controllers) rather than just put a "Leftie here" option in the menu.

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