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Thread: Stuttering in Wii U

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    Unhappy Stuttering in Wii U

    Recently, I bought the Director's Cut for Wii U and I'm loving to play it, but there is a problem that has annoyed me.

    The game is stuttering on the pre-rendering cutscenes. I notice there are a lot of users reporting this problem for the PC version, but I didn't find anything related with the Wii U version. That concerns me a lot.

    Is There anyone else facing this problem with the Wii U version?

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    Default IKR

    OHMYGOD get the to part after the 2nd boss when the riot breaks out...
    Outside you lag so bad, very sad that they prolly wont fix it. when I got the game first it lagged a lot even in detroit hub then it smoothed out later, but I think what it is is the fire, after the riot fire is everywhere, in the intro to the game I also lagged alot, it had fire, when I was in the regular hubs of both cities (detroit WITHOUT the riot) I also ran fine.

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