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    I think a modest mix of both would be ideal.

    Instinct: Used to see important visual cues, such as enemies or points of interest within a certain three-dimensional radius.

    Instinct: Not required to pass enemies. Not required to blend in. Not a subsitute for traditional stealth mechanics. Does not nullify true instinct, that being the player's intuition. Does not show where enemies will walk. Potentially only useful to spot targets, not guards or other NPCs.

    Map: Shows the level layout, possibly with names for areas. Marks the entrance and exit to the level and shows 47's current location.

    Map: Does not display any NPC locations or other points of interest, such as circuit breakers, cameras, etc.

    Personally, all I want is a rudimentary map as described above. I would be happy with just that and no instinct at all. I think the fun of the game derives from taking risks and solving puzzles. Giving more power to these tools takes away from the need and value of these elements.

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    Has anyone played Assassin's Creed 4? I only ask because this is in relation to Instinct. The stealth play is a lot of fun. The Instinct works as a tagger, forcing you to always be on your guard. The map (the main map) is only there for reference, no NPC's are displayed. There's a mimi map in-game but it's not as good as the Instinct. There are so many enemies walking around during the important parts and you have to keep scanning your surroundings. The Instinct never feels overpowering, you constantly feel on your toes, and the action is just a lot quicker and smoother because you're not constantly flipping screens to go to a map.

    Anyone who has played AC4 yet, if you have an opinion about the Instinct in the game with respect to Hitman and the map, I'd like to know.

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    Everyone has their points.
    I think it wouldn't be bad if instincts was left in, but heavily modified. Here's my take:
    -Path trails: Deffinately has to go. Everyone agrees
    -Xray vision: I think also has to go. It should be something like in the last of us. Where you can see little sound waves where sound is being made. In other words heightend senses. Also interactive items can glow. But nothing too bright in my opinion. That bright red and yellow colour scheme broke it for me, so I never used it.
    -About seeing people through walls. First, in all games I thought the map was something that showed the power of the Agency. Where scouts were sent to gather intel and setup the points of interest on the map. The map never showed all interactive items in the world, only places where interesting items can be found. Like a closet or storeroom where rat poison is kept (or placed by the scout). A kitchen where the target's food is made. A chandelier... etc. etc. Mostly accident proned locations.
    Real time people locations.... I always thought the map was like a digital PDA 47 had. The agency has powerful satelites that can read heat signatures or something or the other. Especially since its just a game, it gave players on a lower level a fighting chance. And sure, the Xray vision did arguably the same thing. There aren't any real negative sides to it. Its more a matter of taste. I think it should go and the map used to spot people locations, or the ability like in TLOU. Seeing people through walls because your an amazing Hitman doesn't sit right with me (My personal taste)
    -Blending in a.k.a covering face: Need I even mention that this needs to go.
    It should be replaced with a better blending system, like 47 will talk his was out, like in the Absolution trailer (I never left...). Something a bit more interactive than covering his face. But giving us a selection screen to choose what to say/do is also a bit too far in my opinion. It shouldn't be an rpg, because it will break the experience if you get bombarded with those scenarios where you constantly have to choose what to say. Use the KISS method.
    -Point shooting: On the fence. While I never used it, outside of the obligatory bosses. 47 is the perfect shooter. His trademark isn't just a fiber wire (that's just a symbol of how perfect and silently he executes hits), his trademark are the ballers. Because... He's a hitman, he usually does shoot his way through things using stealth. We are the ones that kinda turned him into the signature fiberwire silent assassin. He started out with the Ballers.

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    I don't care if it's realistic or not, i simply don't like the idea of "instinct".
    This may seem petty, but i hate it because EVERY GAME HAS IT these days; every stealth game has you seeing through walls and it eliminates challenge, not to mention personality from games.

    I like the satellite map, because hitman to me is a "2/3 stop, think and plan, and 1/3 act" kind of game

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