Hi Folks,

Some serious help would be appreciated as I'm frustratingly stuck on the new TR which I've only recently started playing for the first time (it's the PS3 version!)

I'm 75% through the game, on Shipwreck Beach, really enjoyed it up to now, but suddenly can't progress as Lara can't physically seem to make the jump she's (supposedly) programmed to do.

I'm trying to get on board the pirate galleon to get a block and tackle. Gone out to the end of the jetties, blown up the mines, and clearly supposed to make a jump, swing on a pole, grab the climbable wall with axe and climb up hull onto the actual ship.

Trouble is - it just won't do it however I try it. Reloaded and watched her crack her head open on that reef a hundred times at least. Tried it with no run up (standing jump), couple of steps, base of ramp, long run-up etc. Just won't reach that wall!

If I hear her say "amazing.... early 18th century Portuguese" one more time I'm going to throw a brick at my TV!

This would be frustrating enough if it was just a side branch to get a few goodies but it's the main damn game path!

Am I doing something really, obviously, stupidly wrong here or is there a serious glitch on this game?

Would really appreciate some advice before I give up completely. Lots of other people must have got past this, so why the hell I can't has stumped me!