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Thread: Sloppy Surround Sound Implementation

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    Thumbs down Sloppy Surround Sound Implementation

    IF you use headphones you probably won't even notice...

    but IF you use an actual speaker setup (as I do) it's clear as day...

    It's a shame, this is really annoying and detracts from an otherwise really good game.

    I'm about 40+ hours into the game and it started to sadden me about 25 hours ago.

    I doubt it will ever happen, but it would be GREAT if a patch was released that fixed this (or at least some of it)...

    it's amazing (and annoying) how many important sounds are stereo only...

    listed below is what I've witnessed/documented:

    Main Menu:
    --main menu ambient music ::::: quad stereo (Front Left, Front Right, Rear Left Rear Right)
    --menu button sound fx ::::::::: stereo only (Front Left, Front Right)

    Object interaction:
    --opening closing doors & drawers ::::: 3D positional audio (5.1 surround sound)
    --picking up inventory item ::::::::::::: stereo only
    --dropping 3d objects in world :::::::::: 3D positional audio

    World sounds:
    --world ambient music :::::::::::::::: stereo only
    --npc to player barking ::::::::::::::: 3D positional audio
    --gunfire, explosions, etc :::::::::::: 3D positional audio
    --entering desktop computer :::::::: 3D positional audio
    --desktop pc email interaction ::::::: stereo only
    --desktop pc camera/bot/turret ::::: 3D positional audio
    --entering wall alarm ::::::::::::::::: 3D positional audio
    --player HUD elements ::::::::::::::: stereo only
    --hacking sound effects ::::::::::::: stereo only
    --player footsteps :::::::::::::::::::: 3D positional audio

    --npc to npc conversations :::::::: 3D positional audio
    --player & npc dialog trees ::::::::: stereo only
    --incoming audio transmissions ::::: stereo only

    it's really annoying having conversations simultaneously come from 7 feet ahead of me to the left and right... instead 2.5 feet directly in front of me. (you know... that good old center channel speaker?)

    It probably has to do with the use of a 3D audio sound emitter object in the game world- or lack there of, for the sounds that are stereo only... but taking the "oh well it's good enough" approach that seems to have been done when a HUD sound or cinematic style dialog tree conversation takes place is truly disappointing given what's technologically possible in 2011... especially for a AAA title like this.

    Playing the original Deus Ex (and Thief, System Shock 2, Half Life) back while i was in college when it originally came out will always be some of my fondest gaming memories.... which is why this somewhat sloppy audio implementation in DX:HR is truly disappointing...

    Oh by the way, I run a Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Champion Series sound card with the Creative GigaWorks ProGamer G500 5.1 surround sound speaker setup in case you were wondering....
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    Came here looking for info about this. The surround implementation on Wii U is equally bad. Really a shame and I'm amazed nobody else is noticing this.

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    Were these problems in the original PC release?

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