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    Much Over Qualified Computer: I have the Asus G46 Gaming Laptop, Intel Core i5, GTX 660m, 2 gigs of dedicated ram, etc.

    That to say, my computer should be able to handle Just Cause 2 without a hitch. But on optimal settings (most "Very High" and "On" settings), i'm getting very low frame rates, 8-10, at all times. Cinematics aren't even a question, the sound is off and overlapping, and the cinematic itself you can practically see each individual frame. It is... bearable to play on its lowest settings (15ish), but, for example, even then i over compensate when aiming for someone and aim right past them because of suffering Frame Rates. Any suggestions? I just don't understand why i can play Battlefield 3 on Ultra settings perfectly with 50-60fps or Crysis 3 with equally successful results, but this three year old game with, albeit, lots of rendering to be done but on a perfectly capable rig, gets a fraction of the frame rate.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Seems like you have the same problem as me, all advice I can give is to lower the aa option to x2 or off that gives me about 40-55 fps while when the aa is above x2 I get a constant 15 fps.

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