I recently bought this game on Steam and my pc cannot run it due to a bad graphics card. So, I resorted to using Parallels desktop 8 to first run WIndows 8, now 7 on my late-2012 Macbook Pro 13inch with an i7 processor and Intel HD Graphics 4000. First, on Windows 8, I got the NOT_FOUND error. After much work and research, and eventually giving up, I re-installed WIndows 8 to fix it. This caused the E_NOINTEFACE error. I finally gave up AGAIN and installed Windows 7, where I am faced with the same problem.
Is there any way to fix this error??? I have installed numerous updates to my system, and Steam has installed a few, including Directx (I haven't done this manually, yet). I haven't updated drivers, due to Apple doing this automatically and when I try to, the message "your system does not meet the minimum requirements for this" comes up.
This is so frustrating, and any help would be greatly appreciated.