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Thread: The Last Revelation - White Shadows (graphics glitch)

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    Default The Last Revelation - White Shadows (graphics glitch)

    So I'm playing TR4 for the first time (PC|Steam|Windows 7 64bit|nVidia GTX 480 driver v.314.22), and started to notice some weird lighting effects, with some areas being flooded with a bright light. This buggered me so much I went to youtube to check some Let's Play videos. Turned out where I saw these bright spots, it should be pitch dark.

    So, here's an example of what I see here (on the left) and what I was supposed to see, according to a youtube screencap.

    I researched a LOT and couldn't even find anyone having the same problem. Does anybody have a clue?

    EDIT: Problem solved!

    I actually had it figured out a few minutes ago with a friend who also has the game - since he installed and ran the game for the first time, we could mess with the setup.

    For future reference, access the game setup (creating a shortcut for tomb4.exe and adding -setup in the Destination field, after the "). Run this shortcut and configure the game however you want it - except for the Volumetric FX, which must be unchecked:

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