This has probably been asked a million times before but I'll go ahead and ask again anyway;

After scouring the internet for almost 2 hours I still can't figure things out. I've managed to assign every button (as far as I'm aware) using Joy2Key and even though I've not yet tested it in the games it all works fine in there. I've even spent forever trying to set the left analog stick to control Lara. I want to set left trigger to walk and right trigger to look but the keys refuse to work. I've tested them in Windows' gamepad test thing and every button has an affect on the screen other than these two. It's annoying as hell. I've seen loads of people with issues over the internet with these two buttons, but the answer is never clear. It's usually 'nvm. I bought a 360 controller and now it works fine' when I know I have a 360 pad that's NOT working .

I wanted to try and play the games like I used to play on the Playstation but that's looking far off x3x

Any ideas/solutions for me? It would be greatly appreciated!!