That's very astute, actually. I hadn't copped the connection between "Black Cloth" and "BCMP".
Maybe it's AAA but they are shoehorning an unnecessary multiplayer mode in, ala TR9 and Deus Ex 3?

In other news, Riepl's LinkedIn has changed again, to something very quizzical:

(click image to enlarge)

The relevant bit:

Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Riepl
"Sort of announced Title (?) :-| ? what? (VG) Square Enix/Psyonix"
For the record, that entry has gone from "Nosgoth (VG) Square Enix/Psyonix" to "unAnnounced Title (VG) Square Enix/Psyonix" to this over the space of today.

I don't much know what to think other than that some callous cloaked figure must be screaming and shouting at poor Kevin as a result of our premature rubbernecking. Hate that.


I'd also like to highlight Baziel's own detective work at Nosgothic Realm as I think it's well worth noting:

Quote Originally Posted by Bazielim
Not sure if it's relevant, but inspired by the Kevin Reipl listing, I've been trying to find Psyonix employees. Okay a lot of nothing in profiles, but two did catch my eye given Psyonix relatively small status and the 'genre' questions. Essentially at least two Psyonix employees - Thomas Silloway and Ziv Wong have it listed that they are currently working on actual AAA titles - Silloway even notes he is currently working on an "Unannounced AAA Game" (although he also notes contributions to "Unannounced mobile game prototypes") - nothing directly to say they're talking about Nosgoth/WFN - but perhaps a little more promising than it might first have appeared.