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Thread: I have almost finished a patch.

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    Default I have almost finished a patch.

    When Jc2 came out, I remembered seeing JC sitting on a sales rack at my favorite computer game store many years ago... At that time I was what you would call a COD snob and gave no other games a chance... What a Fool/Tool I was..

    About 2 years ago I dropped my snobbery and became a humble gamer. Actually, I no longer really play FPS unless a great story is to be told.

    Fast forward... I purchased a copy of JC2 and fell in love with it. As time went on I naturally completed it. So, I decided to take a look at JC1 in hopes it would offer up a fun experience. I went into this knowing that the first game in a series is always going to be lacking... Usually the second title finds that awesome direction and the series blossoms until it is ran into the ground like COD has been.

    For some odd reason, I have been extremely bothered by the bugs, errors, resolutions, and many other problems within the game and I set out to create a patch... A patch that would try to encompass these problems. I also set out to give jc1 a texture update and bring it out of the ps2/xbox era and into this generation. I am doing this for the gamers of the future who will want to see the start of the JC series and not be mortified at the monstrosity.

    It's been a long 2 years since I started this and I have put only my spare time into creating this patch. I want to do this as a way to give back to my fellow gamers. Gamers-First.

    I have also reached out to EIDOS/Avalanche asking for their permission to release this patch (when completed) and I have received no response. Legally, this patch opens me personally to lawsuits if I do not receive permission from the games creator. I have been forced to put this project aside until I hear further saying its ok. I need something more than a moderator telling me its 'ok...

    With all this said I hope I get somebodies attention. I would be happy before releasing this 'patch' sending a copy to EIDOS/Avalanche so that they may view, critique and approve of my work before releasing it. I do not want anything in return.

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    I would be interested in your patch. What specific issues does it address?

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