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Thread: Help! Can't save in Last Revelation!

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    Default Help! Can't save in Last Revelation!

    So I dug out our old iMac - this version from summer 2000:

    Although I can no longer run TR 1-3 on it I was miraculously able to run TLR on it. However, I can't save! I realized that I couldn't save while I was playing the training level so I thought that maybe you aren't supposed to be able to save during the training, but it carried through to the actual game. Now that I think about it, I vaguely remember having this same problem when I played the game for the first time years ago.

    Basically every time I try to save the save slots never change from saying "Empty slot" to saying the level name. When I attempt to load what I just attempted to save Laura says "no". I know it's not an issue of having to find "save crystals" or anything because the Mac games never rely on save crystals; you can save whenever you please.

    Help please!

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    Are you running the game via a CD? If so, that could be why.

    Unsure about Macs to be 100% positive, but make sure you're loading the game from your hard drive (aka, the executible file is on the hard drive, not being run off the CD) it saves into whatever folder the tomb4 file is you can't save onto a CD if the tomb4 file is there. Hope that helps

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