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Old 01-06-2013, 08:53 AM
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Default TR EARLY GAME CONTEST! [ended - winners in OP]

Update - winners announced! Click the spoiler below.

This thread will remain closed. For comments / questions, please go here: http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=132252


Original post:

It's competition time again!

For this competition, all you need to do is show us how you are going to be celebrating the launch of TOMB RAIDER next month. How you do this is entirely up to you - post photos, videos, write a text, you name it. The entry can be heartfelt, humorous, or whatever you feel. Get creative!

Curious to know what you can win? In anticipation to the launch of the new game, CD (Crystal Dynamics) has got something really cool up for grabs - 3 winners will receive a free copy of the TOMB RAIDER the weekend BEFORE* official launch! What's more, the winner won't just get the game, they will receive a CE (Collector Editions)! And what's even more, first place winner will receive his or her CE SIGNED by CD team members!

Due to legal reasons, this competition is available for people in UK, US and Canada only. Meagan will explain the details of this in the post below this one.

The core rules are:
  • Maximum 1 entry per person/household
  • Maximum 3 minutes of video
  • Maximum 300 words of written text
  • Post your entry in this thread
  • Deadline: February 17

A little housekeeping (please read the text in the spoiler tags below to help keep this thread tidy and the comp running smoothly):


First prize: Early* copy of TOMB RAIDER Collector's Edition (SIGNED) + TR branded T-Shirt

Second prize: Early* copy of TOMB RAIDER Collector's Edition + TR branded T-Shirt

Third prize: Early* copy of TOMB RAIDER Collector's Edition

*Due to logistical reasons, CD can only ship a UK or USA version to the winners before launch. If you prefer a specific non-English language version of the game, CD will still send you your preferred version, but you will receive it on or after launch. The game will come as a physical disc; Steam codes will not be unlocked in advance for this contest. The items specific to the CE may be sent later than the game disc.

How to enter:
Upload images using this link http://pic.driber.net/up (choose "comp #12") and post the BB code inside this thread.

Upload video entries to YouTube and post a YT embed inside this thread. Instructions here.

Detailed Rules and country specific Terms
IMPORTANT! Please read these rules before entering the TOMB RAIDER EARLY GAME CONTEST.
* * * UK Entrants Terms and Conditions * * *

* * * US and Canada Entrants Terms and Conditions * * *

Good luck, everyone!

* * * Forum competition history and previous winners collage * * *

APR 2010: Forum Easter egg hunt | JUL 2011: Guess the number | AUG 2011: Photoshop caption fun | NOV 2011: Meme comp | DEC 2011: Create a Christmas sig
FEB 2012: Create your own V-Day card | MAR 2012: Easter Fun | APR 2012: TR Fan Art "By Hand" | JUL 2012: The Fabulous Destinations of Lara Croft | JUL 2012: post your favorite (funny) screens | SEP 2012: AoD caption contest | OCT 2012: design your own forum banner | DEC 2012: Create a TR Holiday Card | FEB 2013: TR Early Game Contest

Click here for more photos...

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Old 02-04-2013, 01:32 PM
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Hey all,

I wanted to step in for a second and explain why this contest is limited to the US, Canada, and UK.

This actually doesnít have anything to do with internal Crystal Dynamics or Square Enix policy. Rather, itís an issue of legality in specific countries worldwide. We need to provide specific terms & conditions for participating countries around the world to ensure weíre not breaking any laws in these contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways. These laws can get really complicated even within specific countries. For example, while most Canada can participate, Quebec has a law that excludes it from the contest.

I know this is a bummer because our community is global, and we appreciate all of your support from around the world. Weíll work hard at trying to get more inclusive with each subsequent contest.
Old 02-04-2013, 01:40 PM
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I also would like to say sorry for everyone who unfortunately will miss out on this. We've been planning this comp for quite a long time and a little while ago it looked like we could go ahead, but alas, for this particular comp it has suddenly gotten very complicated.

At one point we even considered pulling the comp altogether due to all the complication we ran into. (I myself have put a lot of my personal time into organizing this, and I know that Meagan also spent a whole lot of time getting this approved.) But in the end we figured that 3 countries would still better than none at all.

I hope everyone will be understanding about this. It's frustrating, but it is really completely out of our hands.
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Here's my entry:

Tomb Raider has been an important entity in my life since I was four years old in 1997, when I discovered the original Tomb Raider game on PlayStation Ė albeit a year late Ė and my appreciation and love for all things Lara Croft has done nothing but skyrocketed in the past sixteen years. One of the many reasons I loved Tomb Raider was seeing a strong female character take the reins and commandeer her surroundings to take what she wants and achieve her goals. I found it to be a relaxing breath of fresh air in comparison to the typical male hero and the personality, attitude, and ambition of our young heroine was completely enthralling. Since, I have followed Laraís evolution across a plethora of video games and two films and growing up, you would be hard pressed to find me willing to talk about anything other than Tomb Raider or James Bond.

Originally, I myself was unable to purchase the game because hours at work are slim because of the slower months for retail and my pay checks are going towards driving lessons, but my boyfriend of over a year is preordering and paying for the collectorís edition for me as a late Valentineís Day gift. To celebrate the launch of Tomb Raider, my parents, my boyfriend and I are going to have a game night in the living room with snacks and take turns playing the game, as weíre all excited to witness Laraís latest and most thrilling adventure. Iím submitting an entry to the contest in hopes of surprising my boyfriend with a prize copy of the game for us to share so he wonít have to spend his money on me, and as a secondary plan, give him the prize copy to have as his own.
Good luck to all participants!
Old 02-04-2013, 05:11 PM
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celebrating the launch of a reboot is a legendary thing. I have been a tomb raider fan since the 1st game came out and i am celebrating the launch of this game with my wife. She used to play the tomb raider games but due to health reasons is unable to anymore, so she does vicariously through me. we are going to be tackling this reboot together and enjoy every bit of it. im her hands, and we both combine our brains to figure the tomb raider games out. its a lot of fun, and brings us closer together.
Old 02-04-2013, 05:21 PM
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Here is my entry:

Tomb raider to be honest is one of the best games to date. It always had that I can do this vibe. It made you feel well as Core Lara use to say "stronger now". Being honest I used to play the classics with my sister. We used to stay up and play and eat popcorn as we watched Lara battle the T-rex and fight the hydra (Tomb raider 5). I have to say even though I will miss the old Tomb raider...Crystal Dynamic's Tomb raiders are unique and have their own personal touch. I also used to stay up and play Tomb raider legend, anniv., and underworld with my sister.

I would love to enter this contest because I want to continue the brother and sister tradition. It was so much fun and I miss those days. I hope I win, cause even though I was going to buy tomb raider regardless, it'll mean allot receiving this "gift" for me and my sister. I started celebrating launch in december by playing the classics and collecting all relics Good luck all participants!

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Okay I hope I'm not overlooking anything in the scary-looking rules, like selling my soul to an eternity of white-ledges. Ma gawd. IDK. Are acronyms aloud? If I make it fancy and paste the text over a screenshot does that make it better?

300 hundreds words, this is almost 100 already. I don't even know if I want the game early, I mean I kind of do, but I'm scared. Ah. To answer the question, I had this idea of playing the first bit of the game whilst in a chat with some online friends, so we could share our reactions. I still want to do that. Though we were going to play one Multiplayer match beforehand, I'm not sure if that is still on for most people, they're too excited to experience the story. Oh my Gosh. Right. I have gifs prepared on my Tumblr blog for the day the game comes out. I need to make more, they're funny. This game blows me away with it's details. Detail is what makes this game shine, the world is so alive not just visually but the audio of the loud, thunderous ocean at the beginning is immense. The music playing in Mathias' Bunker is so dreamlike. Okay. This I why I'm excited, I can't just praise the game and hope to get it early. Lawl. I just wanna make Lara jump. I think that's what everyone wants after seeing so many screenshots and videos. More so now than ever, because of steering in mid air which makes a Godly return, it was so needed. What other game even has steering in mid air anymore? IDK. Not enough. Oh crap, almost 300. DUDE, if I had the game before the release I'd totes finish it before it's released. Inception. Oh my God, right the combat. Combat is frantic looking which means it's a success, it sounds fun. Y'all scared my with your auto-cover, but it makes sense to me now. TR's combat has always been about movement. That's good. Okay. I want the game.
Old 02-05-2013, 03:11 AM
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Here is my entry:

Tomb Raider has been my inspiration since I was 5 years old and my step dad bought a Playstation with the very first game. I was absolutely terrified of the game, although I loved every second of it. I would hide behind my step dad and watch him, kill wolves, bears and explore. I always watched him play and say how I really liked her as a person and that I would love her as a big sister (when I was 5 I guess I thought the whole gaming thing was real life) I saw her as a huge inspiration to my life and since every other tomb raider game has came out my Step Dad would always buy the game and we would play together right until Underworld.

This year I will be celebrating it with my Step dad again! My mother and him are no longer together but he is again buying me the game, and we will spend the day together playing it! On march 1st, we will start by watching the tr movies, and playing every single tomb raider game until launch day. Non stop every minute of the day. We will buy chocolate, crisps, and even my little sisters are coming to watch as they are now in the small footsteps I once was when I first saw my Step dad play the game. I'm already counting down! My sisters are going to wear their tomb raider outfits my Step dad made, as they love Lara, too! But I won't let them play a lot! haha! thanks!
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I gave in and re-did mine, I wanted to do something besides text, but i JUST UGH DIDN'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. ok, enough rambling, here is my entry:

Tomb Raider has always been such a big part in my life, Lara Croft is such an inspiration to me, and such an idol. She has made me look for adventure everywhere I go, I always think about what she would do in my situation, and that’s such an amazing thing that a fictional character can have such a big impression on someones life. I used to watch my father play TR for hours on end, and then would beg him to play more when he would stop, I just loved everything about Lara. But it wasn't long until I took control of her myself. This is really the first TR I’ve kept up with and followed so intensely, waiting for every article, every screenshot, and any bit of news that I could get my hands on. It’s so hard to believe that it is this close to the release day, it just almost doesn't feel real.

I’ve actually already started celebrating TR’s release! I started february first with a look to Lara’s past, I’ve been playing all of the classics, (up to The Last Revelation right now) watching both movies of course, and will be playing plenty of TRLE levels! Oh man, I’m not sure what I’m going to do when TR finally hits shelves, That’s going to be one long ride to the store and back. I think I’ll be locking myself in my room with the curtains drawn and the lights off, I want to completely immerse myself within the game, I may even be in a party with a few other people, just to share our excitement and fangirl together. This is such an awesome opportunity and I think I’ll run around my neighborhood screaming if I were to place on any of the winning spots.

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Old 02-06-2013, 08:00 PM
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My entry:

The humid jungle air feels heavy and tense as I continue through the muddy trail towards my prize. Scattered rays of sunlight beam through the canopy lighting my way in a crude form of hopscotch. The putrid smells of decaying vegetation bites at my nose and I know I’m close.

Professor Ibrahim warned me of the swamp that I would have to pass, “Now Lara, I think it’s too dangerous for you. The snakes and spiders, their venom is so strong, and don’t forget the area is infested with alligators. You should take a partner.”

“I work alone,” I told him, although now I’m not so sure.

A branch snaps behind me. Birds erupt from their perches in fright.

I hear a growl. I freeze.

The growling is louder, the vibrations shake my bones. Whatever it is it sounds big, very big.

A split second decision later and I spring forward through the swamp. I choose to risk the unknown rather than fight the beast behind me. Thump, thump, thump, its paws grip the sodden earth as the beast propels itself forward. Running with the feet of Hermes, I pray for swiftness.

Ahead of me I see a cave with vines sweeping down. The entrance is small but it will have to do. I just hope that whatever is chasing me can’t get through.

Tumbling through the entrance my leg is caught by the predator. His claws slice easily through my muscle, catching on my shoe. I struggle to get out of it, relieved in the knowledge that he is too big to reach the rest of me. As I bandage my leg I am thankful that the only plaything this furry beast has gotten from me is one of my hikers. I lie down and catch my breath.
Old 02-06-2013, 08:28 PM
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Tomb Raider is a part of my family. The mere mention of its name brings a smile to our faces reminding us of the good days, days where our main concerns were the whereabouts of a key. A game that from its very first moments brought us together, young and old, to experience an incredible adventure with my uncle as its conductor. It led to sleepless nights while we struggled to solve puzzles that, to my then 10 year old mind, were life or death. It holds my most precious memories. It is my grandmother arguing with us over theories on how to advance the next game or making her best midnight hotdogs to keep us awake enough to solve the next riddle in the game; It is a soiree with Lara that until this day lives on.

The day of the release will be like welcoming back an old friend. It will be all of us, my uncle, my mother, my siblings, cousins, and my grandparents, and of course, Lara. We will sit around the television eager to begin another adventure. The midnight hotdogs will be ready; we will have enough coke to go around, and plenty of blankets to snuggle up to. It will be the best sleepover, gathering, adventure we have embarked on in a very long time.
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Default My Entry


I have already preordered the collectors edition of Tomb Raider. My wish for entering this contest is to give my copies to those less fortunate then I. I know of a family that cannot afford games like I can and I wish to give them my copy. Their single mother is hard working and scraped money together to buy her two sons a PS3 for christmas, but their game collection is bleak. Hopefully you will consider my entry. To quote one of my favorite Movies: "Human dignity plus compassion equals peace."--That's What I Am.

Thank you for your consideration,

Mr. B.
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My entry:

I've been playing since the original Tomb Raider on playstation. Seeing a woman in a role, where a man would normally be was really awesome. I played and won the game. I played through the other games and won them as well. Next came Tomb Raider Anniversary. I really enjoy this game because it's basically the original Tomb Raider game but with better graphics and slight changes in the game play. Legend and Underworld were pretty good with the music and some of the environments but not as good.

Now, we have the Tomb Raider remake. I am super excited for this game. I'm impressed with the game play, the environment, (from what we've seen) and the overall look of Lara. I am also happy that the people in charge of making the game are here and are considering all our wants and don't wants to make this game how we want it and now what they think would make money. I also like how they're taking the time to fix bugs and glitches and make it longer than seven hours. Knowing this is not the Lara we know, the experienced explorer will make our perspective of her a lot different, but in a good way.

I am currently unemployed and couldn't afford to preorder the collector's edition like I wanted when I first heard about it. So, I've asked for the standard game for my birthday which is three days before the official release. It would really mean a lot if I could win.

Thanks for reading and your consideration.
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Talking My contest entry

Me+Tomb Raider/ by friends= everlasting happiness😃

Old 02-08-2013, 08:43 AM
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Firstly, I just want to take this opportunity say that I’ve never been more proud to be a Tomb Raider fan. It’s been amazing watching what Tomb Raider has become over the past few years and I can tell that there’s something really special and sincere in this game.

I don’t really plan on doing anything too extraordinary on launch day, but it’s going to be exciting nonetheless! I’m currently a 2nd year student in college, and luckily I have no classes on the week of launch. I was so relieved when I found out, mostly because it meant I wouldn’t have to sit through class torturing myself with the thought of that disk sitting there at home collecting dust.

Lucky for me, that’s not the case. Come March 5th, I’ll be avoiding the internet as much as possible (gotta watch for spoilers) and waking up bright and early to head to my local Gamestop. Getting that game case in my hands is going to feel so awesome. That whole experience is just going to be there… in my hands. WHAT. It’s just rad and awesome to think about. I’ll snap a photo with the Tomb Raider standee, then grab a delicious pepperoni pizza, and rush home to put that disk in my PS3 and start some serious tomb raiding...

(click image to enlarge)
Illustration by me

I’ll have to invite one of my best friends over after I get some alone time with the game. She’s the one that introduced me to the series afterall and I would love to share some of the experience with her.

Love you, CD. Your talent and sincerity shines as bright as those white ledges. (nah, I’m kidding ♥)

PS: I can’t believe you guys put in Fee Fee. That’s actually the best thing ever.

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I'll be sitting here in my grubby bandanna, sweat bands cover in mud & with my trusty first aid kit, with my toy bow & arrow with special sucker attachment & a copy of the Who killed Bambi by the sex pistols

Joking aside i'm really looking forward to my dose of tomb raider
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Default Tomb Raider Launch

Being this installment of the series will be a prequel, this will change the way I celebrate the launch. Usually, I would set aside time before launch to replay all of the previous games in preparation for the newest installment. This time around, I will be dying in anticipation until launch constantly watching videos of the game and gathering my copies of the other Tomb Raider games so I can be ready to beat the new one and replay the others. I will probably spent the next few weeks surrounded by my video game collection so I can remind myself that everything will be ok and Tomb Raider will be out soon. Gameday, I will be up bright and early to go down to the local GameStop to pick up my pre-order.
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Default My Contest Entry

Wow, how will I celebrate. Well, I remember when I first opened my playstation 1 on Christmas. Tomb Raider 3 was one of the first games I got for that system. And I've been addicted ever since. Lara Croft was the first female lead in a game that took care of her own and didn't need anyone's help. And not to mention kicked serious butt! Having something like that as a kid is great. But, when you're a young gamer girl and there aren't that many options for kick butt females in games, or other girl gamers around my area for that matter, it makes it that much better!! So I will celebrate by having a nostalgic marathon from Tomb Raider 1 to the present. TAKE THAT NATLA!!!!!
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Default My Entry

The way I'm going to celebrate the release of the new Tomb Raider game is by going to the midnight release at GameStop (if there is one), I'm grabbing two copies, one for me and one for my mother, and we are going to sit in the same room and play the game together. It's the only game me and my mom have in common, and it's something I will cherish.
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The first game in the series I played was Tomb Raider 3 when I was ten. I had to buy a second copy with my birthday money because the copy I got as a present I trod on and broke! My favourite levels were the mansion and the London level, especially the mansion as I enjoyed taking my time to explore it and itís grounds, and to discover the secret room full of memorabilia from Laraís past adventures. I eventually got around to playing the first two, and last revelation and angel of darkness. I also played the remake of the first game, legend and underworld.

Tomb Raider has had a profound effect on my beliefs. Iím in my second year of university, and one of my favourite topics to write about has been strong female characters in video games, which I can trace back to being influenced by Lara herself.
I will be celebrating the release of Tomb Raider by watching the films the weekend before its due out, and by encouraging my boyfriend to buy it too. In fact, the day it is released is the anniversary of our 1 year relationship, and I will persuade him that there is no better way to spend that day by eating junk food and playing the game! If I win, I would be ecstatic. Iíve been excited for this game since the development was announced, and knowing itís a fresh take, will make playing it all the better. Iím excited to see Laraís development.

Thanks for reading!
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here's what ill be doing to celebrate tomb raider : i will be celebrating it by having a tomb raider day which means where my tomb raider top, do all my room up tomb raider style. while playing Tomb Raider on my HDTV with surround sound i will invite some of my friends around to come and watch me play this perfect game and we will have lots of snacks. it'll be like a party really with some drinks having the time of my life while playing Tomb Raider. it'll be so Tomb Raider my friends would of thought they have stepped in to a jungle lol. i have been planning it for ages what i will be doing. i will let me friends try it maybe haha kind of like a event as well to come around and see a legendary game take place in front of there eyes. yes it will be the best day of there's and my lifes. :P
Old 02-08-2013, 11:35 AM
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Ah, the fifth day of March in the year 2013 shall be a glorious day. To begin, I shall make the daunting journey to Game Stop, where the merry shopkeepers shall allow me to purchase the disk I have been waiting for for so long. Then, I will hold it high and pronounce, "Behold, people of the gaming community! ‘TIS A BEAUTIFUL THING TO BEHOLD!" We will all weep tears of joy together. I shall cradle it as if it were my own child and place it in my automobile. But, before I bring it to my place of abode, I must first conquer another challenge! I must get provisions for The Magical Raiding of Tombs! So I will enter the food market, and I will buy all kinds of delicious but unhealthy items to satiate my hunger during the epic gaming experience that is about to unfold. Afterwards, I will hurry home, and I will rip the plastic that is preventing the magic of the game from entering the world from the case. My bedroom will shine with a bright light as I open it; it will be a glorious thing to behold. Carefully, I take the disk. My hands tremble as I hold such a magnificent thing in my sweaty palms. I slide it into my console and squeal with delight as the icon appears on my screen. Only one thing stands between me and what I have been longing for for months; one button. I pick up the controller. I gingerly press the button. On my screen, something extraordinary happens. The game comes to life at my touch, the words “Tomb Raider” emblazoned upon my television set. And then, my true journey begins.
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Here's my entry

There's something to be said about when a new Tomb Raider gets released in my life. It's truly one of those games that everyone knows to leave me be with my headset on, cursing and screaming at the top of my lungs because sometimes you just can't master it.

The frustration and challenge I feel when I play Tomb Raider, not only grows me as a gamer, but as a human. It challenges me to think outside the box and inspires me to be a better leader. I've been lucky enough to take some CRAZY leaps of faith and barely grab onto that ledge in life and make it through, but sometimes I've fallen into the depths of the blackness and be able, somehow, to climb out of the abyss and attempt that jump again.

This is my first Tomb Raider experience alone. I moved to Canada from Australia and celebration to me will be two fold. One, celebrating the fact that I've come so far, physically and emotionally, and now I stand as an independent man and two, have the luxury of curling up in the darkness of my apartment, headset on and being able to immerse myself in another challenge, (maybe even throwing the controller in frustration :P)

If even one of the developers read's this, I want you to thank you from the deepest depths of my heart for making such a game and helping me grow every time I play. Your work will never die in my household and I will continue to hold the spirit of the game in my heart in everything I do.

Tomb Raider isn't just a game, it's a metaphor for life.
I cannot wait to see what this reboot will challenge me to do next.

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Old 02-08-2013, 12:04 PM
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Default The Raiding Continues!!!!!!!!

I'm excited to see where the new adventure to the series will be taking us I will be playing the previous releases to the series a Raiding marathon of epic proportions til I can get my hands on the game.As an avid fan of the series since it came out I have played every Tomb Raider game to date and own the Tomb Raider movie series as well.I have been longing since the announcement of the creation of the new game and the direction this game seems to be going.As soon as I get this game I will be glued to my ps3 or pc which ever I get my hands on.Sit with all I need so I can be completely emerged in Tomb Raiding heaven.All other games will be but a memory as this is the only game I would be willing to pay complete full price for!Much love to the creators of this series I am happy to still continue being a player of this series I look forward to playing this and all future Tomb Raider titles!
Old 02-08-2013, 12:10 PM
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How will I be celebrating the launch of Tomb Raider? Hopefully by playing the game The day after (March the 6th) is my mothers 50th birthday and when me and my sister are out with our mother i'm sure we will also have a few drinks for Lara's rebirth
Tomb Raider (1996) was the first ever game I played and I remember seeing Lara. This bold and beautiful woman and as a little girl I wanted to be like her (minus killing animals :P) Now I'm grown and I hope I can help Lara grow they way she first did with me
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