So I recently bought all the Deus Ex games on Steam since they were on sale and I've been playing them in order. Anyways I'm playing the first one and I've made it to the Naval yard. As I'm escaping the ship after destroying the 5 weld points my game froze up and now I can't load that quick save any more. Everytime I try I get an error saying:

"HKMilitary 09_NYC_Ship.HKMilitary2 (Function DeusEx.ScriptedPawn.Patrolling.PickDestination:001) Runaway loop detected (over 10000000 iterations)

History: FFrame::Serialize <-AActor::ProcessState <- Object HKMilitary 09_NYC_Ship.HKMilitary2, Old State State
DeusEx.ScriptedPawn.Patrolling, New State State
DeusEx.ScriptedPawn.Patrolling <- AActor::Tick <-AScriptedPawn::Tick
<-TickAllActors <-ULevel::Tick <- (NetMode=0) <-TickLevel <-
UGameEngine::Tick <-XGameEngineExt::Tick <-UpdateWorld<-

This is from running the GOTY copy from Steam. I use Windows 7 and I have an Geforce GTX 560 ti graphics card.