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Thread: JC 2 Can't start new game, stuck on titles

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    Unhappy JC 2 Can't start new game, stuck on titles

    Hello! I recently bought Just Cause 2 for PS3. I've been looking for this game for several months now, since this game is rarely sold in stores in the Philippines, but I was finally able to grab one from the shelves.

    The game was installed in the PS3 without any problems. It loaded and showed the titles. I pressed the start button and it showed the options like "load game", "new game" etc.

    I could use the directional button to choose the options from the title page, but it wouldn't respond when I press circle to start a new game.

    I dunno if others here have also experienced this. I hope that someone here could help

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    Press x and o together and it will select new game. Seems to b a glitch with the game. I just bought it too. Worked it out after ramming all the buttons :P
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