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Thread: Guide: How to fix the "Paul is not in his appartment" glitch in Deus EX: GOTY edition

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    Default Guide: How to fix the "Paul is not in his appartment" glitch in Deus EX: GOTY edition

    Before you read on, know that you can grab or view a PDF version with screenshots of this writeup here:

    Finally, the bug that previously could only be solved by restarting the chapter and losing an hour or two of progress in hopes that the bug wont happen again. And if you didn't have a save that early, you would have to restart the whole game.

    After hours and hours of research and attempts I have figured out definitively how to resolve this terrible bug.

    About the bug:
    For those that are fortunate enough to not experience this bug, basically in mission #4 after sending the message via the satellite you would head back to the Hotel to talk to your brother. When the bug would happen your brother was nowhere to be found, story progression would not trigger and you were stuck. So far the only solution was to restart the chapter or the game if you didnt have a savegame from the previous chapter. Those chapters are extremely long so it meant losing hours of time.

    The fix:
    While playing the Steam (fully patched) version of Deus Ex: GOTY Edition I encountered this bug. Hours of online reading lead to nothing but hundreds of posts concluding with "restart the chapter and pray it doesnt happen again".

    I then spent a couple of hours trying fix it myself with a SUCCESS!

    So here are the steps with pictures:

    1) Go up to the chair where Paul is supposed to be.

    2) Enable cheats by pressing “T” then removing the word “Say” and typing in “set jcdentonmale bcheatsenabled true” all lower case and press Enter.

    Nothing should happen, if you get an error in the top left of the screen then you mistyped it.

    3) Summon Paul by pressing “T” again and deleting the word “Say” and then typing in “summon pauldenton”. He will wonder the room, but that doesn’t matter, he just needs to be present in the room.

    4) Press “T” again and delete the word “Say” and type in “legend”

    You should see a screen like this (select “Invoke Con”):

    5) After you select “Invoke Con” in the top left field select “PaulDenton”, then in top right field select “PaulBeforeAttack” then in the bottom left field select “M04RaidBegan” and click a couple times on “Set Flag” button just to make sure it sticks:

    6) VERY IMPORTANT: Ok out of all the screens or X out to get back to the game, the important part is to SAVE YOUR GAME AT THIS POINT. It can be a new save or old save, doesn’t matter, as long as its something you can load.

    7) Load the game that you just saved, and walk over to and pick up the medkit by where Paul is supposed to sit.

    8) This should trigger the progression and the game should go on as normal. You still have the choice of leaving through the door or through the window.

    I spent a lot of hours on this, so hopefully it comes useful to you guys, even now 10 years after the game came out.

    - Duxa
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