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Thread: Help - Sub-bay doors are closed. No way to open?

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    Default Help - Sub-bay doors are closed. No way to open?

    I encountered an issue at the end of the Sub-base mission where you're supposed to escape in the mini-sub after killing
    . I go to the mini-sub room and I get a message from Gary telling me that the doors are closed and I need to find a way to open them. After backtracing the entire level, I cannot find where to open them. There is a security terminal close by but that has no option to control the bay doors. I've hacked both terminals and every computer for this level but I don't have the option to open the doors like I did when I first entered the place.

    Edit: Found a terminal hiding in the back of the room where the mini-sub is. Nearly spent an hour in the game running around the entire complex looking for it when it was right in my face the whole time haha.
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