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Thread: igdumd32.dll crash

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    Default igdumd32.dll crash

    I've already supported a ticket about this problem, but the given solutions were things I had already tried, and still unsuccessful. So I figured I'd post it on the forum to see if anyone else has any idea on what to do.

    Basically what happens is I open the game, get to character selection screen, and pick my character. It then says "Loading world" or whatever the textbox is, and the screen goes black. Normally, it'd load the game in a few seconds, but the screen never changes. It just stays black. When I alt-tab after a while (or right away), an error message pops up. I've tried re-installing the game, turning off AV / Firewall, it still happens. This is the code...

    client.exe caused an EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION

    in module at 001B:0A5E4EC5, ()+0x0

    OS : Microsoft Windows 7


    Video Adapter : Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family (32902[0x8086]/10098[0x2772]/

    Memory : 2038MB

    Date/Time : 2010/07/11, 14:50:34

    Version : 65

    Account : 'lavasummoner', (4503599627383134)
    EAX=00000B00 EBX=000000A3 ECX=13A288C0 EDX=00000B00 ESI=000000A5
    EDI=00000002 EBP=0012EE68 ESP=0012EE50 EIP=0A5E4EC5 FLG=00210206
    CS=001B DS=0023 SS=0023 ES=0023 FS=003B GS=0000
    [0A5E4EC5] :) + 0x0
    [0A5FC20F] igdumd32.dll::OpenAdapter() + 0x1b0df
    [0A62DF4A] igdumd32.dll::OpenAdapter() + 0x4ce1a
    [0A62AF4C] igdumd32.dll::OpenAdapter() + 0x49e1c
    [0A62D2EA] igdumd32.dll::OpenAdapter() + 0x4c1ba
    [0A630276] igdumd32.dll::OpenAdapter() + 0x4f146
    [0A6FBD69] igdumd32.dll::OpenAdapter() + 0x11ac39

    If any of you have had this problem and know a solution, please let me know!

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    Default This is the answer for the your problem

    Hi ruth,

    This is because you are missing a file.
    Step 1. You can download gdumd32.dll here.
    Step 2. Paste this file into your system32 and system folder. Also put it in your syswow
    Step 3. Navigate to your System32(32Bit OS) or SyWOW64(64Bit OS) Folder.
    Note: The location of System32 or SyWOW64 is
    C:Windows\System32 (If you are using 32Bit Windows)
    C:\Windows\SysWOW64 (if you are using 64Bit Windows)
    Step 4.Paste the gdumd32.dll into this folder.
    Step 5.Run the game. It might work now.

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