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Thread: Grappling Hook Problem

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    Question Grappling Hook Problem

    Well all the threads I find on this topic were about the demo but mine is about the full game.

    My grappling hook is just TOO weak.

    I can't grapple cars to the ground, rarely I can grapple 2 cars together and drive w/out it ripping, I cant grapple a plane to the ground as you can see people do in youtube videos, or grapple something to a windmill, or attach a car to the statues and break it, it just rips everytime. What can I do?
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    I tried exactly the same thing and my grappling hook breaks too.

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    Try using the LDT trick, you get a cars door open by stunt jumping while its stationary then grapple the door to whatever you want and it wont come undone.
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    LDT trick is a great advice. It is tip 9 in this video. Normally grappling hook is weak. And I can understand it. Hooking and stopping enemy vehicles permanently would be just too easy. But you can still slow them down and for example yank them and drop them from bridges while they are after you. It is possible to pull down statues. Experiment with the rope length, vehicle and with how fast you are pulling it. For example make a long connection, then get the vehicle closer to that statue and then start to pull. I have not pulled down many statues. They just look too good. And it is the same thing with many other destructible structures. Respawning structures would be nice. And of course I can choose not to save after destroying many things. Or save to another save slot.

    Strong grappling hook videos are probably from PC versions. PC has some really great modifications for Just Cause 2 and strong grappling hook is just one of them.
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