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Thread: Deus Ex Complete(DX 1 GOTY DX:IW) - Several Issues

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    Default Deus Ex Complete(GOTY+IW) - Several Issues

    Hey there,
    I've already metinoed these problems elsewhere, but let's get down to the problems:

    I can start invisble war just fine without a dvd in the drive, but dx won't work even after having changed the .ini file (cd path=...\).
    Also there's a _very_ strange bug which won't make screenshots for my save files- I found that really useful when playing the original (non goty) version.
    Another I just found out about recently when I made it to the club in paris:

    one of the bar maid- or the only one...? - only has a front face texture, side and back of the head are invisible/see through ???

    Thanks in advance
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    i'm having problems too, trying to load the 2 disc of deus ex invisble war. but it says i need a 3 disc. can anyone help.

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