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Thread: I was about to buy JC and JC2....UNTIL!!!!!!

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    Default I was about to buy JC and JC2....UNTIL!!!!!!

    It only took a tiny bit of looking around here to clearly show how buggy this game is, and how little they care about it, and about our posts for help here.

    I like to read up on a game, at their forum, before I make a decision. I nearly always do this before I buy a game, and I ALWAYS do it before I am about to buy a duo or trilogy of games when they are offered as a bundle.

    I will NEVER buy this game and/or JC2, based on what I have heard from others here. No support, no sale.

    This is beyond unacceptable.

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    I registered just to respond to this post.I can understand passing up jc 1 even know i enjoyed that to,but passing up Just Cause 2 and your missing out on one of the greatest games ever made IMO.The first one is buggy but still enjoyable however the 2nd one u should not miss

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