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Thread: Can't uninstall Imperial Glory from my PC

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    Default Can't uninstall Imperial Glory from my PC

    When I try to remove it from add/remove programs it just won't go.

    Any advice gratefully received.

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    I'd be careful with a manual delete, you'd have to be very thorough otherwise there will be traces left in the registry etc that can be tricky to find.

    afc1958, what operating system are you using? And could you tell us specifically what it says or does when you try to uninstall, or does it simply not do anything? Also you should check inside the directory for Imperial Glory (i.e. click the shorcut to it, then go "Properties" "Find Target" or something similar, depending on what version of Windows and it'll bring you to where most of the game's files are located) and see if there is an uninstall app inside the directory of the game. Can be named 'Uninstall.exe' or 'Unwise.exe' ('Unwise' is mainly used for software though, not sure about games).
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