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Thread: Steam - IW crashing in Menu

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    Default Steam - IW crashing in Menu

    As soon as I enter the Menu, the Game freezes and does not react any more.
    Any fixes?
    Btw, when I use Compat Mode, it directs me to the Steam Storepage....

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    I just purchased a new computer , 3GHZ dual-core (Intel) with a good graphics card. I remembered that long ago, I had purchased DX:IW neglecting to read the system requirements. My computer was too slow. So, I went into my closet and got it. I installed it, and started it up. It got past the producer's screens (you know, nVidia, etc.) and it got to the screen where it says "Loading". After two or three seconds, the screen goes black and it exits to the desktop. I installed the 1.2 patch to no avail.If anyone could assist me with this matter, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

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