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Thread: Thief 2 keeps freezing up

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    Default Thief 2 keeps freezing up

    I recently bought Thief 2: The Metal Age, published by Sold Out Software, second-hand. The two discs were in impeccable condition and I could not find any fault with them, apart from a hairline scratch about three millimetres long on the outside edge of the second disc. I installed the game without problems and began to play. The game ran normally until a particular point when it froze. I used ctrl-alt-del and restarted the game, but it froze again, this time earlier in the game than before. Thinking it might be the scratch that was the problem, I took it t get cleaned at Blockbuster. The cashier admitted it was probably not the scratch so cleaned it for no charge. The game still does not work and if anything the condition has worsened. For some reason when I reinstalled it it did not include the uninstaller, so I had to delete the files manually. Help!

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    You obviously did not read any of the stickies before you posted.

    The first thing we (that's the imperical we) need is: the CPU; the operating system; the Vcard; and sometimes the Sound card or chip.

    Every system has different problems and possible cures.

    We can't help you with insufficient information about THE SYSTEM YOU USE.

    The problem is not always the game, or something that always has a simple all encompassing answer.

    It can also be caused by use of USB devices: Gamepads, Joysticks, Keyboards, Mouses.

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    Also, read the sticky about playing T2 on modern computers.
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